SEO Tutorial & Guide 2016 – Top 10 Tips, Tools & ToDos for Search Engine Optimization

SEO Tutorial & Guide 2016 – Top 10 Tips, Tools & ToDos for Search Engine Optimization

Learn Jason’s top 10 tips, tools, and todos for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for 2016.

Here’s a funny picture from the video talking about Bears and SEO :)

Bears and SEO

I definitely agree with the following SEO image!

Never stop studying SEO

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SEO Guides: Ranking your Youtube Video 101

If you want to learn about how to rank your video on Youtube then watch this awesome video!


Ranking YouTube videos in Google or in the actual YouTube search results can bring thousands of visitors to your website literally overnight.

YouTube videos are known to have higher conversion rates and click through rates due to their thumbnails and interruptive marketing.

If you own a website or a local business ranking YouTube videos in the top 10 results of Google is a must!!


Dallas SEO Geek: Unique SEO Strategy

Dallas SEO Geek: Unique SEO Strategy

Does your website need a good overall SEO strategy? Many businesses get even the most basic pieces of a good quality search engine optimization strategy incorrect.

You will learn the essentials of a SEO strategy in this video. Be informed and make better decisions on your SEO strategy. Do not waste more money. Watch this video now!



What is the best SEO strategy for you?

There are two major parts that you can put all parts of SEO into – on page SEO and off page SEO. Marketing your website on Google and the other search engines through on page SEO and link building can provide your business with great results if you do your research. Several things you should consider are Panda and Penguin Google Penalties,  Why SEO appears to be Chaotic and Top 3 On Page SEO Factors. These are important in determining your SEO strategy.




How to Select the Best SEO Company

How To Select The Best SEO Company

Marketing your business has never been easier. Search engine optimization (SEO) when done correctly provides a targeted stream of potential customers without having to directly pay for any of the traffic. However, when done poorly SEO can absolutely destroy your website ranking. Therefore, it is important to select the best SEO company available to help achieve search engine dominance.

There are several things that you need to look for when hiring an SEO company. The first thing you want to look for is the amount of experience that it has. The Google algorithm has changed quite markedly in the years since the company launched its service. Those that have witnessed the multiple changes and the activities that prompted them have an edge over people who have just gotten into the business the past several years. This experience can allow one to anticipate changes and avoid activities that are likely to get their clients’ sites in trouble.

SEO Strategy Overview -- SEO Geek

One of the fastest ways to kill your traffic is to use what are referred to as “black hat” techniques. These techniques often take advantage of very temporary loopholes or spammy non-natural links to get a ranking quickly. Black hat SEO does work. However, these techniques are much easier for Google to detect. A site might rank for a couple of months, and then have its ranking destroyed as Google de-indexes the site after it is flagged for gaming the system. As a result, it is imperative that you avoid any SEO companies which attempt to use these techniques.

You want to hire a consultant that takes the long view on the rankings process. Ideally they should strive to gradually improve your ranking by making the backlinks increase at a velocity that looks natural. It might take three to six months to get to the top of the search engine results, but that ranking will be much stickier than if it was done with a link velocity that accelerates too suddenly. Avoid SEO vendors who tell you that they can get you a ranking overnight, and stick to those who emphasize the long-term sustainable approach outlined here.

It is also important to get a sense of how many sites that a given SEO agency works on. The reason is that it is much easier to analyze subtle changes to the algorithm if you have a large data set to look at. An SEO firm that only works on 10 or 20 sites is not going to have the statistical sample to be able to truly isolate how the algorithm is changing. On the other hand, an agency that manages hundreds or thousands of sites can probably detect changes relatively quickly and conduct experiments to isolate the factors that are influencing the results.

Your search engine ranking is one of the most valuable assets you can have. You need to invest in it. You also need to protect it from any adverse Google penalties. By doing your due diligence to hire the right SEO company, you can achieve the long term top ranking that your business deserves.

Strategies for Search Engine Optimisation

Strategies for Search Engine Optimisation

Once you start to see the benefits of a successful search engine optimisation campaign, it can become very addictive. This is when you may look to other SEO techniques, such as listing with Google Maps, issuing press releases and creating viral marketing campaigns. These can get your website ranking even higher in the search engines. Watch this video for more about the strategies for SEO:

Here is a screenshot of the video which can help you on creating strategies and techniques for your SEO:


Strategies for Search Engine Optimisation



Search Engine Optimization Tricks to Get More Views On YouTube

Search Engine Optimization Tricks to Get More Views On YouTube

Using Youtube videos as a part of your SEO plan? Do you have great content to share?

Well, this is the time to make Youtube as an avenue to share your product or service. But how would you do that? Search Engine Optimization is a wonderful way to channel thru your videos by ranking high on search engines like Google and Bing. Ranking prominently among these sites will bring additional traffic and attention to your videos.

Get More Views On YouTube

Easy SEO Tricks

You have to do five easy things on SEO to get more Youtube views, the first thing is File Name was confirmed as a myth, and disregard this step from an SEO perspective. But, it’s still good to do so since you will save time from titling it. Second thing is the Video Title should follow suit. Third, the Video Description should contain information about the video in detail (Google and YouTube search the text to check) and use keywords when possible. Fourth, the Video Tags should follow but be carefully and don’t overuse them. Fifth, Place links to your videos from other websites (including your own blog). Lastly, make your content unique to encourage High Watch Time.

 These things are simple and easy to do. Watch this short video to learn more! It is a short and juicy video and you will surely learn from this! Grow your Youtube channel. Make unique content! Get new subscribers and views. Do it now!


The Future of Online Advertising and Search Engine Optimization

The Future of Online Advertising and Search Engine Optimization

Find more about search and the future of online advertising and SEO! This is a short and fun video to watch.

The Science of Search is a fascinating one, from its humble beginnings to its recent success, search is becoming an authority in the Internet.  Significant people like Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, adjudged as the “Father of the Internet” by the LA Times are featured in this short video. You will be astonished on the effects and benefits that has endeared “Search” to almost all aspects of life today!




Manage Search Engine Optimization with Ease

Manage Search Engine Optimization with Ease

This techniques is for experienced SEOs. If you’re new to this field , you’ll probably want to study and watch SEO for beginners and  avoid most of the keywords in this section. If you know you’re doing and have funds at your disposal then this is a good place to start.

SEO KeywordsIf you are able to rank your site for a keyword with several thousand searches per month, it can easily get you dozens of new visitors every day. Provide the great content that will make people favorite your site and come back for more and that could rapidly translate into hundreds of daily visitors — all for one keyword. That’s what makes it worth clawing your way through serious competition.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method which helps increasing the visibility, rankings and relevance of the websites in search engine results.  SEO is the newest and hottest outsourcing trend for India and there are at least 300 companies specializing in SEO outsourcing only. Plus all the internet companies in India and US need a SEO team of their own. Statistics according to  Naukri show that, over 16,000 Web Marketing posts remain vacant in India and employers are looking for worthy candidates.

As the field of SEO marketing and the skilled SEO practitioners become more and more sophisticated, SEO job seekers are in fierce competition to rise to the top of their field.  A SEO certification can give participants the credibility which they need to stand above the rest!