Search Engine Optimization Tricks to Get More Views On YouTube

Search Engine Optimization Tricks to Get More Views On YouTube

Using Youtube videos as a part of your SEO plan? Do you have great content to share?

Well, this is the time to make Youtube as an avenue to share your product or service. But how would you do that? Search Engine Optimization is a wonderful way to channel thru your videos by ranking high on search engines like Google and Bing. Ranking prominently among these sites will bring additional traffic and attention to your videos.

Get More Views On YouTube

Easy SEO Tricks

You have to do five easy things on SEO to get more Youtube views, the first thing is File Name was confirmed as a myth, and disregard this step from an SEO perspective. But, it’s still good to do so since you will save time from titling it. Second thing is the Video Title should follow suit. Third, the Video Description should contain information about the video in detail (Google and YouTube search the text to check) and use keywords when possible. Fourth, the Video Tags should follow but be carefully and don’t overuse them. Fifth, Place links to your videos from other websites (including your own blog). Lastly, make your content unique to encourage High Watch Time.

 These things are simple and easy to do. Watch this short video to learn more! It is a short and juicy video and you will surely learn from this! Grow your Youtube channel. Make unique content! Get new subscribers and views. Do it now!


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