Step by Step Guide to Basic SEO

Learning basic SEO is not difficult and time consuming. If you educate yourself on the basics it’s going to be so much easy to make profit online. No SEO means no visitors from search engines so start doing SEO now. If your website is new you will have to be patient for results. Watch the video above for a Step by Step Guide to Basic SEO.

Here are some more basic steps to do:

Basic SEO steps


26 thoughts on “Step by Step Guide to Basic SEO

  1. - Most Popular Traffic Generator says:

    Artem talks about basics of search engine optimization (SEO) in Oulu
    University. In this short talk students learn about basics of SEO and
    importance of content.

  2. Chris Brake says:

    I really enjoyed this +LumoLink . Thank you for putting this online.


  3. Sudipto Halder says:

    great video thanks

  4. King Internet Design says:

    Very educational course about SEO from a very nice russian guy.

  5. Michael Mignogna says:

    I, personally, find this guy to be hilarious. Great video. Tough crowd…

  6. spokje says:

    Woaa tough crowd dude, haha. Thanks for the video! Really helpful! :-D

  7. Jack Hunter says:

    All kidding aside, does audience understand English or are they paid just
    to sit there but don’t really understand the presentation? If that’s what
    it is, next time just do it without them as this makes it look worse.Other
    than that, far too basic.

  8. Mahesh Raosaheb says:

    But why are the audience unresponsive – we here just need a reason to laugh
    — we’re the other extreme. You’ll be a star here

  9. Anju Rupal says:

    Artem, you’re a breath of fresh air. Hilarious as well as useful content.

  10. Simplilearn says:

    Interactive Session !!! Liked it very much.

  11. Zharkan16 says:

    I know. ;)

  12. Devinder Bawa says:

    sometime single word can change life, I liked your words sharing and caring

  13. Humza Malik says:

    As you told content is king. 

  14. Bruno Drago says:

    Muy buena presentación !! He podido aprender y reforzar los puntos claves
    para SEO. Really funny and interesting!


  15. russell schaeffler says:

    Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week.

  16. Max Sixblade says:

    Great video comrade), thanks. Some jokes are just awesome, but little too
    much in my opinion. If they were not laughing in the firtst 30 minutes, i
    doubt if they actually able to smile at all.

  17. Lou Tegui says:

    I need to find more videos of this guy. I love teachers like this. Makes
    you pay attention and retain information, not to mention want to follow
    another class of his.
    Funny as hell. Thanks.

  18. simplylogan93 says:

    Great video for beginners!

  19. Armin Haller says:

    Thanks Artem! Very good, interesting and sometimes funny introduction. A
    pity your audience did not react …

  20. Amos Hedge says:

    Long but have learned the basics that i did not know about

  21. Elements Carpet Cleaning and Restoration says:

    Long but have learned the basics that i did not know about

  22. Andrew Milan Bosnjak says:

    You do not always need to start a SEO business from a college degree. I
    began SEO when I was 17 years old.

  23. David F says:

    This guy is actually quite funny, dont get why he didnt get many laughs

  24. Johan Salvador says:

    Why is no one laughing ? This dude is hilarious.

  25. Kirti Pathania says:

    Awesome presentation my friend. Im going to start blogging and will tag you
    for sure … hahaha… and great sense of humor… yes I agree .. tough

  26. Dori friend says:

    Hello , thank you so much :) , very interesting post ,all the one engine

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